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What are cookies?

Cookies are tiny files that are made of text. This is delivered by web servers to your computer or mobile device during your first visit to a website. This will help the website identify your computer or mobile device on your succeeding visits. To make the best use of our website, you’ll need to make sure that the web browser you are using is set to accept cookies although this is usually set to default.

What do we use them for?

Here at TopCasinos Reviews, we do not use these cookies to store any personal information. These files are primarily used to improve your browsing experience. Using these cookies, we can use analytics to store anonymous information about your visit so we can personalize and even remember your preferences. All of these details will never be linked to you unless you have explicitly chosen it to.

Can the cookie settings be changed?

This is possible by going to the settings of your browser. Alternatively, you can open the Help function to know the specific steps on how to change your browser’s cookie settings.

More details about cookies?

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